I have several grandchildren ranging from tot to teen. The twins are four and they are at that age where if it isn’t a nugget, they won’t eat it. Their Mom was the same way. What is it about processed chicken beak that kids can’t get enough of? Mrs. Budd’s chicken pies, MY chicken pies are delicious and although they aren’t in nugget form, I am happy to report that the twins will eat my chicken pie…I just have to be as crafty as they are… here’s how!

 I take the filling and put it in a bowl and I serve it as a dip. The broth-like filling soaks up wonderfully with my famous made-from-scratch biscuits for dunking. Now, before I put them in the oven, I roll them out and cut them into fun shapes using cookie cutters. The twins can’t wait to dunk their stars, hearts and dinosaurs in the warm dip. Sometimes I let them help in the baking process and this creates excitement about the meal….and they’ll get their veggies in too. What do I do with the crust from the actual chicken pie you ask? Well, since it is a top-only crust, it is easy to remove from the pie and also cut it up to serve with the biscuit shapes!

 The dip trick has worked throughout the years and comes up with the older kids as a fond memory of growing up and cooking in the kitchen. How do you get your little ones to break out of their nugget rut and have something delicious and nutritious? Comment below and tell me all about it!

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