Welcome Home

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In today’s quick-paced, challenging world, we believe that there is still a place called home.  And whenever you prefer to stay at home  after a long day at work, rather than go out for pizza, steamed dumplings, burritos or fast food, we are there for you.

Our quick and easy-to-prepare chicken pot pies and all-in-one meals are slow-baked, made from Mrs. Budd’s delicious, made-from-scratch recipes with only the finest pastry flour, highest quality meat and the freshest vegetables. Each dish is fully baked to ensure wholesome, safe, comfort food, because this is what we believe home  is all about.

Whether it’s a quiet dinner with your significant other, an act of gratitude to supportive family members or an opportunity to “cook” a relaxed, home-cooked meal for yourself and a special friend, we give you the opportunity to express your hospitality or just kick back and relax at home.

After 65 successful years, Mrs. Budd continues to say, “Welcome home.”