Best Ever Chicken Pie

Mrs. Budd’s
Made in New Hampshire


New Products…


No Antibiotics Ever

Found in the freezer section, our No Antibiotics Ever chicken pie has No Preservatives, Made with Sea Salt and Sweet Vegetables


Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

Mashed potatoes, vegetables and tender chunks of chicken. A comfort food classic.

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Family Size Chicken Pie

Found in the freezer section, our family size means more for everyone


Who We Are…

Our employees make each pie as if they are serving their families, because they are! You, our customers are an extension of the Mrs. Budd family. You bring us home with you and create memories with your own families.  Many of our customers have passed down their love for Mrs. Budd's chicken pies to their families and she continues to be a part of this tradition for generations. Then, we have new customers who decided to give us a try, and have fallen in love!

We are high quality comfort food. We are what you choose for on-the-go or wanting to take it slow.  Customers buy our products when they need something good to feed their kids after a sporting event, when their significant other is out of town and want something easy to make for dinner, or just when comfort food is what they are craving!  Mrs. Budd is also great for "date night in." 

Whether you have been with us for years and years, a new customer who tried us for the first time, or are considering trying our products, we hope you will continue to be with us for years to come.

You can find our pies in most major grocery chains along the Eastern seaboard and out to Chicago.

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