Find Mrs. Budd’s at your local Walmart!

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We asked our customers to share a special memory they had with Mrs. Budd’s chicken pies and here are some of the responses. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have!

The crust has a homemade taste
I just love the whole pie, veggies sauce and pie crust
We were shopping at the grocery store one day looking for something economical and different, prepared with little effort. That’s when we saw Mrs. Budds. We put it in the oven when we got home. The room started to smell good. When the timer went off, we couldn’t wait to dig in. The taste was soooooo good! And that crust......👌 so tasty. I knew this was going to be something we would have for dinner again and again. Thank you so much for your great product. Don’t change a thing (unless you can figure out how to add MORE crust!)
Brings back memories of the chicken pies I ate as a child. Both the filling and the crust make it that way. Keep up using the good ingredients!
My Mother in Law always bought Mrs Budds and I remember MANY years ago of the pies being Fantastic. Then we moved away for a few years and weren’t available where we were. When we moved back, a happy moment was when we had our first Mrs Budd’s chicken pie. The Crust is always Tasty and Flaky, the chicken and veggies are tender, and the gravy is Awesome. BEST Chicken Pot pie EVER!!
When I was a child, one of my earliest memories in the kitchen was baking my own Mrs. Budd’s Pot Pie. Sure you just have to preheat the oven to 375, but I learned two valuable things in this. First, I learned to cook independently. Baking a Mrs. Budd’s pot pie was the first time I operated the oven on my own, without any family members home. Mrs. Budd taught me to be independent. Mrs. Budd taught me patience. I waited for that chicken pie to cook and I’m talking perfect golden brown crust, with piping, boiling gravy underneath. Couple that with the beautiful cubed chicken and a hearty helping of peas and carrots, I love Mrs. Budd’s pot pies. When I think of my childhood, a pot pie pops up in my thought bubble every time.


Reminds me of homemade pot pie. Especially love the crust.
The crust reminds me of my grandmas crust
Love the buttery crust on top
That flavorful crust brings me back to my childhood

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